This is a Special Deal being offered by Casey for a short time, you can save over $39.00 on ths package!. The Complete Training Package Includes:

  1. Full One Year Training Observation
    • with a re-evaluation at three months to ensure targets

  2. Casey Viator's Total Fitness Book, it is geared for people of all walks of life from beginner, intermediate thru advanced.  Among the topics covered:
    • Proper sequence, reps and sets of exercise
    • Pre-Exhaustion, direct and indirect movements
    • Working around injuries
    • Specialized Training programs for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced
    • High Intensity Training
    • Supplementation
    • Questions and Answers
    • Casey's Tasties - Tasty recipes for healthy eating
    • The Colorado Experiment (The Whole Story), including comments from Arthur Jones

  3. High Energy Training Video #1 - The Basics included on the video:
    • proper pace of movements.
    • proper form in a whole body workout. 
    • proper sequence of exercise in a whole body workout. 
    • Most movements done on original Nautilus Machines, fast pace and with heart monitoring equipment on hand. Trevor`s heart beats per minutes jump to 188 with only 10 exercises involved. 
    • Workout filmed in Dramatic Black & White
    • Included is a 25 minutes In-depth Question and Answer by Casey in rare form.  

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