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Casey Viator’s Total Fitness

Casey Viator’s bodybuilding career has been revolutionary throughout. The youngest Mr. America champion at age 19, his training for that title was then revolutionarily simple and uncommonly intense. Now his book Casey Viator’s Total Fitness again breaks new ground with innovative simplicity ensuring success at any stage — from beginner, through intermediate, to advanced bodybuilding.

Old ideas don’t seem to gracefully die in the face of new, improved findings. Instead they endure despite being unwarranted. When Viator came on the scene, his almost painfully eloquent (the meaning of the word “simple”) approach to successful training contradicted generally accepted principles. Instead of spending untold hours training, Viator limited his sessions to three to four short, almost brutally intense workouts weekly. That intensity called for development of concentrated powers of mind and will. Hence, his workouts succeeded by developing mind and body in unison. While Viator certainly benefited from genetic advantages, his subsequent more than thirty years of training a wide variety of men and women shows they work for anyone.

Casey Viator’s new book is a breath of fresh air in the field of fitness and bodybuilding training. Written in clear and precise language, nearly anyone can put it into immediate practice to start getting rewarding results. A second on experience with a variety of clients also shows how those willing to develop concentration of mind and will succeed best, while some fail by virtue of sabotaging themselves. Prior to this book, no one has ventured into the realm of what separates self-actualizers from self-sabotaging training. The book ends with Casey’s own recipes for tasty, nutritious meals that feed fitness.

Ken O’Neill